Wedding Questionnaire

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. If you have any questions, concerns, or need any help please feel free to email or text me. You may have given me some of this information already but I like to confirm details in case anything has changed. 🙂

Basic Information

(If applicable)
(If applicable)
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Names and ages of those children (If applicable)
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What is the address, and is it outdoors? In a church?
For example: No flash, forbidden areas, etc. (Many catholic churches do not allow the use of a flash or photos of certain rituals.) This is an extremely important question, PLEASE do not assume the answer to this question.
(For example: Family photos, bridal party, bride and groom photos)
(Please send it to me)
(For example: Bubbles, Bell, Rise throwing, Candies throwing, etc...)
(Example: Park, beach, backyard etc…)
(Specific poses beyond what is typically captured on a wedding day. We do not guarantee any photographs, but we will make it a priority to capture the shots listed)
(Style, Veil, Train, Color, etc…)
(Sit down dinner, buffet, dessert reception, family style, etc...)
(Should total approx 100%)
Candid / Photo journalistic - This avoids posed or prompted shots and captures the spontaneity of your wedding day. Moments are not created; they are captured. Photojournalism shows you the joy, emotion, and spontaneity of the day. Photographs are simple and immediate, an instant of life captured on film.
Natural Portraiture - These are semi-posed, natural looking, casual portraits. Individuals or groups of people are brought together without the look of a formal set-up. This style gives a more relaxed, contemporary and fun look.
Formal Posed Photography - Individuals or groups of people are set up by the photographer in formal poses. This is the complete opposite to candid photography. This is typically the most traditional style of wedding photography and is very popular with older family members. The photos are quite formal but are very consistent. This would include posed portraits of the bride and groom, family, wedding attendants and prompted photos of the traditional "happenings" at your wedding.
Little Details - A component of photo journalistic style. Captures small details that help you to truly remember the day - the beads of a dress, the swirls of frosting on the cake, the pearls on your ears, the blossoms of your flowers, artistic close ups of the rings, etc...
(The last 1-2 hours of the bride getting ready is a great time for me to arrive!)
Name and author
(Please refer to our contract to determine if you have booked me for 7, 10 hours or Full day coverage. )