About Me


Kind, positive and creative person.
A photographer, father, loving husband and just a good man.
I offer wedding and family photography services in the city of Winnipeg and surrounding area.

My name is Anton Shvets. My interest for photography began 6 years ago as a hobby, and at that moment, I could not even imagine that it will become my passion and my calling. I love what I do and I have my own style and point of view. I put my soul into my work and I seek to achieve optimal end-result and memorable customer experience.

I like to photograph people, their emotions and feelings in specific moment and within the boundaries of visualized idea. I find the connection between the photographer and the model to be very helpful, when we are able to explain and understand our points of view, our ideas and expectations. The most important thing, however, in my opinion is a positive attitude, which not only creates productive environment, but also transforms the photo shooting session into a fun and thrilling experience.

I view myself as predominantly portrait, family and wedding photographer. I admire classic and minimalist style that generates pleasant memories regardless of the time and tendencies.

I believe that everything in our life is balanced, and if I as a photographer will do a high quality job and will treat my clients with respect, it will bring happiness and satisfaction to both of us. My moral values and priorities have not changed over the years and I believe it is important to be honest, to do what you love and to love what you do!